Treaty of Luinnar

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This treaty is proposed by High King James I of Angador to end the Austenasian Civil War

The Treaty

The following parties are directly effected by this treay:

Article I:

  • To end the war the Empire will be split into two separte nations.
  • The nation led by Caroline shall be the land of South Kilttown (e.g. the Kingdom of South Kilttown).
  • The nation led by Esmond shall be the rest of the land that was originally claimed by the Empire.

Article II:

  • Both nations would have mutual recogination of each other.

Article III:

  • Crown Prince Jonathan would stay the Prime Minister for the Empire.
  • He would have to respect his sister's actions as leader of her own nation.
  • He could not interfere with her nation, unless she asked for his assistance.

Article IV:

  • At any time, if the two nations feel that they can cooperate together fairly and in a civilized manner than they may become one nation again.

Article V:

  • All belligerents of the war must leave the dispute and any carry over must be ended as soon as possible.
  • It also should end as peacefully as possible.

Article VI:

  • The treaty will go into effect when both parties agree in total to all parts of the treaty.

Suggestions for Caroline's nation

Types of government:

  • Kingdom
  • Empire
  • Principality
  • Grand Duchy
  • Duchy
  • Republic

Names for nation:

  • South Kilttown
  • Kilttown
  • Kilt
  • South Kilt
  • Carlota
  • Kiltia
  • Kiltonia
  • New Austenasia
  • Carolinasia