Third Decree of William I, King of Gradonia

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HM William I hereby decrees the appointment of the Order of Charlington upon four individuals on this day, the thirtieth of August, the year of our Lord, 2019

BE IT KNOWN THAT - HM, the King, has chosen to bestow knighthood, should it be accepted, upon the following for their efforts in assisting Gradonia as defined by Decree II.

Therefore, the Order of Charlington shall accept,

HM Thomas, monarch of Zenrax, for his early contribution of experience to Gradonia of international foreign affairs.

HG Bradley, Duke of Dullahan, for his personal support of the Gradonian monarchy and advice to HM, the King.

HIM Thomas I, King of Hrafnarfjall, Emperor of the North Sea Empire, for his continuing support for Gradonia in both domestic and foreign respects.

HIM Violette I, Empress of New Providence, for her support and inspiration in the development of Gradonian art.