Second Decree of William I, King of Gradonia

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HM William I hereby decrees the creation of the Order of Charlington and the titles and appointments of the Duke of Edderton and Duke of New Hesse on this day, the twenty sixth of August, the year of our Lord, 2019

BE IT KNOWN THAT - HM, the King, realizing a debt to those who contributed to the cause of Gradonian sovereignty and development, has created the Order of Charlington to express appreciation for the actions taken by individuals for the good of Gradonia. The order, having HM as the sovereign head, shall have two other distinctions between recipients. Those being:

I. Knight Companion - a recipient of the order through the grace of the King.
II.Knight Stranger - a recipient of the order through unanimous recognition by the Konlichstag.

BE IT ALSO KNOWN - that HM, the King, appoints Prince Charles to be Duke of Edderton and Canton, of the family Perkins, to be Duke of New Hesse.

IT IS AMENDED THAT - HM, the King, appoints Brayden, of the family Williamson, to be Duke of Cedarburg.