Prince Powers Act 2019 (New Eiffel)

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The Prince of the Principality of New Eiffel shall have the following powers:

  • The power to issue royal decrees.
  • The power to call a local or general election before the maximum term (1 year) has expired.
  • The power to veto Acts of Parliament by not giving royal assent unless the act passed with 70 percent or more.
  • The power to knight people and give orders of chivalry.
  • The power to appoint mayors of cities.
  • The power to grant titles.
  • The power to appoint juries, and to appoint the judges of High Courts.
  • The power to call parliament as acting prime minister.
  • The power to create and dissolve ministries.
  • The power to create and dissolve cities.
  • The power to claim land in the name of New Eiffel.