Intermicronational Court Charter 1st Edition

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Statues of the Intermicronational Court, 2023 Written by William S Preamble

We the people of the Intermicronational Court come together to form the IMC.


§01 Article 01 The following articles are the bystanding laws of The (IMC):

  • All members of the Intermicronational Court must have a stable government.
  • A good standing constitution.
  • Be a nation that is not a territory or subject under another nation.
  • No applicant must not be in war while applying for membership.
  • Each member must have at least one foreign acting delagte towards the (IMC).

§02 Article 02 No applicant nor foreign representative may engage in unlawful acts for abuse, support, oppose or abstain vote. For their political gain towards voting on new members.

§03 Article 03 No member or delegate shall harass, bully, abuse or assault another member of (IMC).

§04 Article 04 All members must abide by The Charter of the Intermicronational Court, 2023, 1st Edition.


§01 Article 01 The Intermicronational Court Justices are in charge of handling and overseeing all cases within the (IMC).

§02 Article 02 There shall be a total of nine Justices in the (IMC).

§03 Article 03 Justices shall be elected once every two months and hold a one year consecutive term.