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Fellow micronationalists,

The ICA has begon reforms to make the ICA more usefull but also to make all Conservatives equal amongst them selfs, yes, The ICA will become democratic and all policies exect the values of joining (Aka you need to be a Centre-Right / Right-Wing Conservative to join) can be changed by voting.

The ICA is once more inviting everyone to join!

The Forums will be released publicly and to decrease tentions between the community and the ICA, the ICA will propose a representative of the OAM to be a spectator this representative will be permanent.

I thank you all and I hope the ICA will become a haven for disccusions and tips/tops for parties to win elections and maybe open or close fronts as the members see fit. Brad1201 21:55, August 26, 2010 (UTC)

ICA reform plan

The ICA staff agrees to implement these new reforms to the Alliance to make it better and hear the minds of all Conservatives and where they want to open possible fronts or close them.

The Deadline and end of reforms will be at maximum at the end of September, at minimum within 1 or 2 weaks.

The Staff agrees on:

  • Making a forum that will be the base of operations and meetings.
  • Making all policies debateable
  • Allowing all members can send a representative .
  • Holding a general election for the SG and VSG position after the reform + activity has increased.
  • The ICA will request the OAM to send a representative who will gain a rank of observer.
  • The ICA will once more invite all Conservative people/parties/nations/groups/factions to join the ICA.


This Reform is proposed to Parker I, Secretary-General of the ICA.

Made by: Bradley of Dullahan, Vice-Secretary-General of the ICA.

Signed by:

The Secretary-General of the ICA; Parker I and Vice-Secretary-General of the ICA; Bradley of Dullahan have signed this reform.