Decree XIV Adam I

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Empire of Adammia

Office of the Emperor

Decree XIV

Treasury Reform

This Imperial Decree hereby reforms the Treasury of Adammia, so as to accommodate the Contributions scheme created by Act 5 of the Ruling Council.

The Treasury is hereby renamed to “His Majesty's Imperial Treasury”. The physical location of the Treasury is now a box (on the windowsill)Removed by amendment 6th Oct 2013 in the Ministry of Finance, in the government offices at 1 East Road, Sapientia Province. We acknowledge the proclamation by the Ministry of Finance that it is illegal to remove money from the Treasury without the consent of the Minister of Finance or We the occupant of this Office, as a legal document.

This, the Fourteenth Imperial Decree of the Imperator Adammiae I, Our Imperial Majesty Emperor Adam the first, is signed into immediate effect in Sapientia Province on today, the twenty-ninth day of September of the two-thousand and thirteenth year of the Common Era, day CLXX of Our reign.

Imperator Adammiae I