Council of Electors Act

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Council of Electors Act

The Kingdom of Gradonia, being a land that allows the freedom of the people's choice, shall create a body of representatives elected by the people. Such a body is loyal the people who has elected its members, and the King who heads the state. This body, henceforth referred to as the Council of Electors or in short hand, the Council, shall;

I. be made of two representatives, henceforth referred to as Electors,

a. elected, the first election being on the Spring Equinox of 2020,
i. in their respective provinces by their constituents,
ii. those being designated residents of aforementioned provinces,
iii. and through a means of Single Transferable Vote.
b. serve for three terms of six months before becoming ineligible for re-election,
c. and who are not required to be of the same political affiliation;

II. create, review, and preserve law proposed by fellow Electors and the Konlichstag, respectively, by,

a. means of the Parliamentary Procedure of the former Imperium Americana,
b. receiving the legislation passed by the Konlichstag to be voted on within the Council. This same procedure is to be followed by the Konlichstag when presented by legislation passed by the Council,
c. voting in majority to overrule the President's decision to dismiss the Supreme Judge of Gradonia;

III. elect, from among themselves, a President,

a. by means of nomination, including by oneself,
b. through a popular vote among the members of the Council,
i. who the King shall select in the case of a tied vote between nominees,
ii. and serve the same terms as Electors, as described in Article I, section b,
c. who shall have the abilities vested through election to,
i. serve as speaker, the primary duties of which being the Master of Procedures as defined in Article II & III, section a & c, paragraph null & iv, respectively, directing the discourse of the Council of Electors,
ii. veto any decree made by the king during their tenure as President,
iii. dismiss the Supreme Judge of Gradonia after the Judge has been appointed by the king,
iv. and appoint for themselves a Vice President to hold their duties if the President is deemed unable to by either himself, the Council, or the King, Should the President be accused of any crime their immediate powers as Master or Procedures are to be delegated to the Vice President, but the President shall remain speaker until convicted. At the point of conviction, the Vice President then assumes the office of President and all powers delegated to said office for the remainder of the term.