Contributions Act 2013

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Empire of Adammia

Ruling Council

Act 5

Contributions Act 2013

This Act of Council hereby establishes a system of contributions from citizens as a source of income for the Treasury.

It is henceforth declared that all full Adammic citizens residing within boundaries of that which is defined to be the Country of Adammia, be it an Adammic Province or UK territory, who are over the age of 18 years old shall pay a fee once per month to the Ministry of Finance, who shall add said fee to the Treasury. These fees are to be known as Contributions. Monthly Contributions are expected to be paid and shall add up as debt until they are paid. Each month's debt begins as soon as that month starts.

In accordance with Article V, Section 4 of the Supreme Directive, Contributions are not compulsory. By default, citizens are part of the Contributions scheme, but they may opt out by contacting the Ministry of Finance. The Ministry of Finance must respect the wishes of citizens who opt out. Any debts that were unpaid before they opted out shall still continue, unless under extraordinary circumstances when the Ministry of Finance can write off this debt. Citizens may also opt back in at any time.

The Monthly Contribution is a fixed absolute amount set by the Ministry of Finance. The Minister of Finance can set the amount no more than once per month and it may not be set to an amount higher than two Great British Pounds Sterling.

Written by HIM Emperor Adam I

Passed by Council with 6 in favour
2 not present

Imperator Adammiae I

21st September 2013, CLXI of Our reign