Ages of Majority Act 2019 (New Eiffel)

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The legally recognised age of adulthood (age of majority) shall be 21 years of age. Persons by the age of 21 shall be subject to taxes.

a. The age of candidacy shall be 13 years of age.
b. The age of criminal responsibility shall be 10 years of age.
c. The legal drinking age shall be 18, and the alcohol purchase age shall be 21 years of age.
d. The legal smoking age shall be 21 years of age.
e. The legal driving age shall be 16 years of age for cars, if accompanied by a license holder, and 18 years of age to obtain a license, and 21 years of age for trucks, and 16 years of age for tractors, mopeds, and 3 years of age for bicycles.
f. The age of consent shall be 18 years of age.

This act will be put into force on this day, 20 October 2019, MMXIX, 230, 14nov, 2 Grable 74 AE, ༃ᎃ28.