Titles and Styling of Prince Zarel I Act

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The Prince of the Principality of New Eiffel shall be referred to as "Your Majesty" and "The Prince" in all official diplomatic efforts and documents.

In semi-formal matters, such as the media and foreign entities, The Prince may be referred to as: a. Prince Zarel I and Prince Zed I b. Zarel I and Zed I

In informal matters, The Prince may be referred to as: a. Sir c. Or by his first or last name.

Any orders may be used in The Prince's addressed title.

Other titles may be used according to the ruleset of said title. (I.e. The Prince may be referred to as the Baron of Green Gate by His Imperial Majesty, Jonathan I of Austenasia.)

This act will be put into force on this day, 9 October 2019, MMXIX, 228, 14nov, 74 AE, ༃ᎃ28.