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But... What is MicroCommons ?!?

MicroCommons aims to be a complete and comprehensive collection of notable texts, quotations, and pictures of micronationalism in general.

  • Complete: MicroCommons' first aim is to have all we need about a certain person, a certan organization, or a certain micronation. Where possible, we try to add as much as possible in our articles. We want someone to search for somebody, and find all what they needed about him. It's just because internet is an enormous place, so why not putting everything together.
  • Comprehensive: MicroCommons aims to have texts and quotes from many different people, works, memorials, and so on.
  • Interesting: We don't just want to pack all texts and pictures, and just leave them there until someone finds them. We also try to explain these texts when possible. Why did Emperor Norton decide to abolish the United States Congress ?
  • Quotations: MicroCommons is also a collection of quotations. While, for completeness, articles should have a short introduction of the topic or source, the primary goal is to include quotations.