OAM Resolution 25

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Resolution No. 25

Resolution Number 25
Organ The Council
Date 3rd March 2010
Proposed by A1
For 9
Abstention 0
Against 0
Subject Xank
Result Adopted

The Question of Xank

The Council;

Noting various accusations made against Xank and the Zonian Confederacy

Noting that such accusations may be true or have some truth;

1. Decides to launch an internal investigation into whether Xank and the Zonian Confederacy are indeed run by the same person or people

2. Decides that the investigation take place under the following conditions:

a. Full co-operation from all member nations involved
b. The investigations shall be completed in no less than two (2) weeks upon this resolution being passed
c. A full report published upon the completion of the investigation to The Council, and three (3) days following, be made available to the general public
d. Only the Secretary-General shall conduct and complete the investigation

3. Calls on member nations to accept the results of the investigation and subsequent decision(s) by the Secretary-General

4. Determines to remain seized of the matter