OAM Resolution 21

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Resolution No. 21

Resolution Number 21
Organ The Council
Date 16th February 2010
Proposed by Egtavia
For n/a
Abstention n/a
Against n/a
Subject Community Pot
Result Withdrawn by proposer

The Question of an OAM Community Pot

Noting that "real" international organisations have a store of funds to invest in various projects and initiatives.

Proposing that the OAM should set up such a fund, called the OAM Fund.

Proposing that all members of the OAM Fund should donate the sum of £1.50 (or equivalent) per month, and that each member of the OAM Fund has one vote as to how the money is spent.

Further Proposing that membership of the OAM Fund should be voluntary.

Suggesting that once funding has been allocated to a project, that project is barred from applying for funding for three calender months.

Further Suggesting that there should be a cap on the amount that one particular project can receive, which is voted on on a case by case basis.


Resolution 21 was submitted to the OAM by mistake. The Egtavian delegate later withdrew the resolution.