OAM Resolution 11

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Resolution No. 11

Resolution Number 11
Organ The Council
Date 21st January 2010
Proposed by A1
For 0
Abstention 0
Against 2
Subject Membership
Result Rejected

The Question of Membership

The Council:

Noting the recent surge in new members

Acknowledging that new members must be introduced to the workings of the OAM;

1. Decides to ensure that new members are properly welcomed and introduced to the OAM

2. Establishes the Organisation of Active Micronations Welcoming Committee (OAMWC) to operate under the following functions and conditions:

a. It shall have the task of welcoming all new member nations to the OAM by following the ‘welcoming procedure’ as outlined in (3)
b. It shall consist of three (3) suitably experienced member nations to be elected every six (6) months
c. It shall be answerable to The Council
d. It shall report to The Council every three (3) months on at least the following aspects:
i. Achievements
ii. Requests for extra assistance
iii. Issues/problems
iv. Success/failure events

3. Creates a ‘welcoming procedure’ for the OAMWC to operate under:

a. [1st day of forum registration] – Asked to post (via email) in the ‘Entrance Academy’ section of the forums
b. [Upon posting the above] – A member of the OAMWC will be assigned to the new nation by the Chairman of the OAMWC as a ‘mentor’ and shall PM the new member via the forums welcoming them and instructing them to read the ‘Welcome’ thread
i. Every effort must be made to ensure that all members of the OAMWC have an equal number of new member nations to mentor
ii. The responsibility of this falls on the Chairman of the OAMWC
iii. If any members of the OAMWC feel that this has not occurred, they are to appeal to The Council
iv. The forum thread will briefly explain the workings of the OAM and other important information
a) This is to be maintained by the OAMWC
c. [Upon reading the above] – Following the reporting of this to their mentor, the new member nation will then be masked to view and take part in The Council with their mentor providing assistance and guiding them through procedures
i. This ‘probation period’ shall extend until the OAMWC is satisfied that the new member nation is ready to proceed to becoming a full member
d. [Upon completion of the above] – The new member nation becomes a full member of the OAM

4. Determines to remain seized of the matter.