Axel Nielson obituary and guestbook

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It was Axel's plan to reveal his face in a picture of the first physical Theodian flag. Although that never happened, it can be approximated, as it has been above.

This page is a memorial to Axel Nielson.
Feel free to add your own comments and farewells below.

Official obituary


Drew Christopher Underwood, beloved son, brother, grandson, great-grandson, cousin and uncle passed away on September 19, 2012.

He was born March 31, 1994 to his mother, Jennifer, in Springfield, MO. He was a unique individual, a young man of many words, complex thoughts and simple needs. Drew had an extensive list of interests, including riding his unicycle, playing his electric guitar, woodworking, flying rc planes and fishing with his granddaddy, and politics. His interest in and understanding of ideas and philosophies was remarkable. He would fight passionately for ideas but walk away as a friend. Not surprisingly, he excelled at debate and was proud to be a member of the Central High School Debate Team, attending Nationals in 2011. He was constantly seeking new ways in which to interpret the world. Drew enjoyed people and while giving much, he asked little from those around him.

Drew was preceded in death by his great grandparents, Ernest and Shirley Eli, and his great-grandfather, Charles Underwood.

He is survived by his mom, Jennifer Rogers; his sisters, Anna and Katie; brothers, Tristan and Ian; his nephew, Levi; his grandparents, Jack and Elaine Underwood; and his great-grandma, Alice Underwood. He is also survived by his uncle, Geoffrey Underwood; his aunt and uncle, Mike and Tammy Underwood; their children, Caleb, Nick, Savanna, Emily, Jake, and Eli; and several great aunts and uncles.

There are no words that can successfully describe the fascinating intelligence, energy and personality that was Drew. The world has lost someone great.

Theodian Response

Minister Axel was well known and respected in Theodia, his home micronation, where the news of his death was first received. Theodia has been devastated by the loss of this extraordinary individual whose contributions to Theodia will have a significant and lasting impact.



Our hearts go out to the first Theodian citizen to lose hirs life: our late Minister of Foreign Affairs, Axel Nielson.
Se has done great work for our country and has played a pivotal role in shaping it the way it is today, and it is with great sorrow that we tonight accept hirs passing away.
May you rest in peace, Min Axel.

Quing Swena


My farewell to you, first Minister of Theodian Foreign Affairs and, more importantly, close friend. It is sad that it came to what it did. You had a lot of potential in life, and most importantly, you were a good person -- whether you realized it or not. I'm glad I was friends with you during your time here. We had many good, insightful, and enjoyable conversations and made great strides in political thought. It is too bad it all ended so soon. :\

I pray for you and your family. I cannot imagine what they must be going through at this moment.

You will be missed more than you realized, and I wish you the best in the afterlife. Perhaps we shall meet again the next time around.

Sleep well, my friend. Now we are free - Soundtrack Gladiador HD

Lostislandic Response



September 28, 2012 it became known that Axel Nielson (alias), Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Kyngdom of Theodia, passed away at September 19, 2012 at the age of eighteen by taking his life. By the Decree DEC CAR 29|28|09|12 of the Captains Regent of Lostisland, the October 1, 2012 has been declared as a day of National mourning within the Republic.
Several weeks before, in August 2012 Axel Nielson leaked to the Government of Lostisland screenshots, proving the guilt of Sean Anderson in convicting the GUM Logs. Being afraid of Harshvardhan's revenge, Mr. Nielson asked not to publish who the leaker was; now, when he is out of reach of Harshvardhan, the world can finally known who did such a great service for the Grand Unified Micronational.

Till the last day of his life, Axel Nielson continued diplomatic talks with Irmina Iwanowicz-Chojnacka, Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Lostisland. Unfortunately, the draft Treaty of Mutual Recognition was prepared and sent to his Facebook account only by September 21, when it already was too late...
September 18, 2012, just one day before the tragic death of Axel Nielson, a package with the Lostislandic postage stamps Mr. Nielson previously ordered has been shipped to his postal address. The envelope, which is still en route to the USA, will never arrive to the recipient...

Without being a citizen of Lostisland (but considering this possibility for the future), Mr. Nielson counted among best friends of the Lostislandic nation. Not being a member of the Grand Unified Micronational, he has done a greater service for this organization than many members. The Government of Lostisland expresses its heartfelt condolences to the friends and relatives of Mr. Nielson, as well as the entire nation of Theodia. The people of Lostisland mourn together with you.

Yaroslav Mar


Ladies and Gentlemen,

let's honor the memory of Axel Nielson, Minister of Foreign Affairs for The Kyngdom of Theodia, who untimely passed away at the age of eighteen by September 19, 2012.
Mr. Nielson was a great friend of the Republic of Lostisland, and his services for our nation and the organization we are a proud member of, the Grand Unified Micronational, cannot be overestimated. Till the last day of his life he negotiated about diplomatic relations with our Minister of Foreign Affairs Kasia Rosiek. Unfortunately, our draft treaty was prepared and sent to him only by September 21, 2012, when it already was too late...

September 18, 2012, just one day before the tragic death of Axel Nielson, a package with the Lostislandic postage stamps Mr. Nielson previously ordered has been shipped to his postal address. The envelope, which is still en route to the USA, will now never arrive to the recipient...

I would like to express our most sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of Mr. Nielson, as well as the entire nation of Theodia. The people of Lostisland mourn together with you.

Saxon Response

King Penda II

Unfortunately, it is the nature of the world that people feel no alternative sometimes. However, Drew was a good, caring and intelligent man. I hope he has found his peace. He came across as a spiritually aware person with a good sense of justice, and he detached himself from the world around him. Yet his ideas and innovative nature and wisdom will no doubt be missed by many. I hope his family and loved ones can find some comfort knowing that he had a positive influence on people in all kinds of places. Drew will be in my prayers. --PendaIronhand 17:04, 28 September 2012 (GMT)

King Sebastian I (Cärrum)

Although I did not have the pleasure of meeting him, his loss will be felt sorely. He will be missed, as always. My regards to his family and friends. The pain passes but the beauty remains, we must remember him as the great man he was. His family should know that he was a great man and that my thoughts go out to them.

My deepest regards,

Sebastian Stanislaus Schriber, King of Cärrum

Sandum Reponse

Sôgmô Gaius Sörgel Publicola

Official Statement on Obituary

M. Underwood, going by the alias Axel Nielson, was a wonderful micronationalist and an individual who clearly knew the importance of honesty and understanding. Serving his micronation faithfully and forthrightly, he has become one of most important micronationalists of our time by extending these virtues to his micronation and to his community.

M. Underwood will be missed and remembered by us in the State of Sandus.

Unofficial Statement

Though I never met M. Nielson, since Sandus' policies are rather definite on recognition, it is always a sad time when we learn of the passing of other micronationalists. For the attitudes and behaviours we have as a community, we are united in the most unique of ways and capable of showing solidarity amongst ourselves compared to outside macronationalists. It is a shame that this Sandum solidarity comes at this lamentable time but M. Nielson will be remembered by the State as one who was at the forefront of the micronational world and the micronational revolution. It is more shameful that something could have been done in order to prevent this and that my State's inactivity did little to change it. Following this, the State will observe the traditional four-day long mourning period in which the first three are spent in sorrow and the fourth is in rejoicing and detaching. For this State's inactivity, we shall dedicate ourselves in the future to seeking out depression and working to change sorrow to happiness.

May none have the causes of suffering,
--Sôgmô Sörgel

André Sammut

While I did not know Axel, from what I've seen he was a great person, and it is sad that he has left us. To honour him, I have made a song (liripksa). While not very clear, the name is axel reversed as lexa, stylised as liksa, with "rip" added between the i and k. RIP, Axel.